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Selling 8 Ball Pool Coins

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Selling 8 Ball Pool Coins Empty Selling 8 Ball Pool Coins

Post by preacshop on Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:49 am

Hey guys, I have the cap amount of coins and looking to sell them on at a cheap price.

My prices are:
$12 = 10 millions coins.
$20 = 25 millions coins.
$30 = 50 millions coins.
$45 = 100 millions coins.
$90 = 250 millions coins.  

After payment, there are 2 option to take coins:
1. You need to give me ACCESS to your MINICLIP/FACEBOOK account. Then it wouldn't take more than 30 minutes for me to transfer the coins to your account!
Soon as I am done transferring coins to your account, I will message you instantly and ask you to change the password of your account and start playing

2. I will send you a new account email and pass with coins.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Sold to Chris - 150M
Sold to Eric - 150M
Sold to Vince - 100M
Sold to Siraj - 70M
Sold to Asuna Yuuki - 50M
Sold to Connor - 50M
Sold to Lexi - 35M
Sold to Italboy - 35M
Sold to Pascal - 20M
Sold to Johny - 20M
Sold to Grey - 15M
Sold to Lloyd - 10M
Sold to Nedim - 10M
Sold to Andy - 5M
Sold to Ernesto - 5M
Sold to Cameron - 5M
Sold to Seiikatsuu - 2M
Sold to Nicholas - 1M
Sold to Jesse - 1M

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