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Forum Ranks Explained.

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Forum Ranks Explained. Empty Forum Ranks Explained.

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:02 am

Hello GCF!

A short introduction to ranks that apply to this forum.
We use an algorithm that calculates post quality and account activity to upgrade your rank, that means there is no set number of posts to promote to the next rank.

0-25 posts

Jr. Member
25-50 posts

Full Member
50-150 posts

Sr. Member
150-250 posts

250-500 posts

1500-2000 posts

Buyable Ranks (can be bought if you fulfill certain criteria)



Custom Title
You can choose your own title,color and rank image
(except titles that could be confused with staff/mods)

*All payments made for ranks are contributing towards building a better forum and advertising it to create an even bigger community.
**(if you have a minimum of 500 posts)
***(if you have a minimum of 2000 posts)


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